My New Year’s Baking Resolutions

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, where family fights were few and eggnog was aplenty.

With each new year comes new resolutions. My usual resolution (like everyone) is to lose weight. But let’s be real, that never pans out, because have you tasted food? It’s delicious. I thought this year I’d choose something a little more realistic.

Here are my baking resolutions for 2016.  

Baking Resolutions: Sifting Through Life

1. Use (And Master) My Ice Cream Maker

Two  Christmases ago, I received an ice cream maker for my KitchenAid, Patsy. I had dreams of my freezer perpetually stocked with delicious homemade ice cream and visions of me laughing at the people buying ice cream from the grocery store. What fools!

Flash forward over a year, and my ice cream maker has yet to spin a single batch of ice cream. There was one day last fall where I got really ambitious. I had my recipe picked out, pulled my glorious ice cream maker out of the box, read the directions, and realized I needed to freezer the maker for at least 12 HOURS before I could use it. I popped it into the freezer, started working on other recipes,  forgot about it, and there it has remained to this day. This year, that will change.

2. Bake More Bread

Baking bread is one of the few things I get nervous about making at home. Can I make bread without a proofer? Can I make a proofer at home? What the heck is a proofer? How long do I let the dough rise? How many times do I let it rise? When is it ready to bake? Can I somehow pass cinnamon rolls from the can off as my own? 

With Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (the bible of bread making) as my guide, I’m confident my attempts to make more bread won’t end with a can of cinnamon rolls.

3. Create The Perfect Pie Crust

This past Thanksgiving, I made a bunch of pies. Everyone loved them, but the crusts could’ve look better, a whole lot better. My pies were like when you set up a friend on a blind date, and you describe the guy as having a great personality. You know she’ll have a good time because he’s nice and funny, but he’s somewhat lacking in the looks department. This is just an over explanation of how shallow I am and how ugly my pies were.

This year I want to develop a recipe that makes such beautifully crimped crusts all of my friends will be dying to go out with it. I may have taken this metaphor too far…

Let me know if you have any baking resolutions down in the comments! 

Happy New Year and Happy Sifting!

5 thoughts on “My New Year’s Baking Resolutions

  1. #3 gave me a chuckle 🙂 I could use some help with my pie crusts too!!

    Definitely use that ice cream maker! My cousins brought homemade cinnamon ice cream to a family event and it’s, to this day, one of my favorite and most memorable family-made desserts. Actually, I recently found out we have some personal ice cream makers stowed away in our storage room that my mom picked up… Guess I’ll have to make that a resolution too 🙂

    1. The only ice cream I’ve ever made was in school, and it happened to be cinnamon ice cream! Weird, right?! It was so good! I need to get off the lazy train and start using that ice cream maker!

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