10 Thoughts I Have When Making a Cake

Making a cake is an emotional roller coaster. Join me on my latest ride.  

Now that I don’t work in a bakery, the only time I make stacked cakes is when friends and family request them.  It’s fun to flex my cake making, building, and decorating muscles, but inside my overactive and over-worrying mind, it’s a bit of a roller coaster.

10 Thoughts I Have When Making a Cake

Last week a dear friend requested a two tiered vanilla cake with Italian buttercream. There were no mishaps, and I actually really love how the caked turned out. However, I thought I’d give you an inside peek of my manic train of thought what’s going on in my head when I’m making a cake. 

1.  I get to make a cake. Yaaaaaass!! This is going to be awesome. Everyone is going to love it and declare me Queen of Cakes.  

2. Crap, I forgot to buy butter. I need to go to the store, and THEN I will build a cake everyone will love and will be declared Queen of Cakes. 

3. Alright, take two. Let’s do this. Crank up Patsy and bring me my mise en place! 

4. Does the batter always look like this? I remember it being more runny last time. Or was it thicker? Too late to turn back now. Only choice is to throw it in the oven, pray to the baking gods, and eat the leftover batter. 

5. The layers are pretty even AND nothing stuck to the pan. I deserve a medal for that alone. What’s better than gold?

10 Thoughts I Have When Making a Cake

6. I know I agreed to make a cake, but I would really like to just eat this entire bowl of Italian meringue. If I had one wish for the world, it’d be that every person tries a spoonful of Italian meringue before they die. I think it could bring about world peace. 

7. I have wayyy too much buttercream.  Coats one tier. I am definitely going to run out of buttercream. Frosts second tier. Do I have enough tupperware to store all this extra buttercream? 

8. There is no possible way in this physical world that this frosting will ever smooth out. From now on textured cakes only. Remember! Textured. Cakes. Only. 

9. Alright, let’s stack this thing! The only thing that can go wrong is that I ruin both cakes and waste 3 hours of my life. No big deal. 

10. I am so damn impressed with myself. I must take 600 pictures and send them to everyone I know. Do you think the Queen of Cakes wears a crown? What am I talking about, of course she does. 


Happy Sifting! 


3 thoughts on “10 Thoughts I Have When Making a Cake

  1. Girl! U r awsome!
    Came here for the caramel recipe (which I am gonna try I already like it since it has fewer ingredients and no butter) but I have to tell u also that u put a huge smile on my face reading this! I very much relate but I would not probably be able to tell it so good (or wish to admit) ?
    I bookmarked your page and I’ll be back.
    Thank you!!

  2. ???? That was adorable! I’m sure the cake turned out perfect!! Keep baking, keep writing!!!! Love you, a sweetie!!!!!

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