You Need an Oven Thermometer

I’m here with you today to preach the gospel of the oven thermometer. Specifically, that you should get an oven thermometer. No, you need an oven thermometer. 

Oven Thermometer

I will admit. Not too long ago, I didn’t think I needed an an oven thermometer. I had been fine without it this long. I figured it was just another gadget that foodies say you need, but instead, wastes away in the back of your spatula drawer. 

I was young and foolish then. Now I’m wise. 

Why You Need an Oven Thermometer

Your oven is a big fat liar.

Just because you set your oven to 350F does not mean it is actually 350F inside that oven. That could be because your oven is old and the mechanics in its internal thermometer are off. Or it could be because you’ve had the oven on for 4 straight hours, and it’s over heated. You need a third party, a trusty oven thermometer, to tell you what’s what behind that glass door.

It gives you more control.

And if there is one thing bakers love, it’s control. I was making sugar cookies and set the oven to 350F.

When I opened the oven door to put in my tray of cookies, I realized the oven rack was on the lowest notch, not ideal for making sugar cookies. By the time I put the rack in its proper place, my trusty oven thermometer told me that the oven had cooled to 320F. If I put the cookies in at that temp, they may not keep their shape, and if I waited for the oven to heat back up, the cookies would soften up too much on the counter.

Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Instead, I put the cookies in, set the oven to 375F, and then closely watched the oven thermometer. The dial quickly got back up to 350F, and I set the oven back to 350F, so it would hold its temperature. Without my trusty oven thermometer, I would have had no control over the oven’s true temperature, and I would have ended up with sad, flat sugar cookies. 

It’s a gadget you’ll use every bake. 

My place is bursting with baking gadgets. They’re in my kitchen cabinets, under my bed, in my closet, and even out in the garage. I only like to add to the madness when it’s something I’ll actually use. Not only do I use my oven thermometer, I use it every time I bake. I was a little on edge over Thanksgiving when I was at my mom’s and didn’t have my trusty oven thermometer. 

Now that we’re both in agreement that you need an oven thermometer, here’s where you can get one. It’s not the exact one I have, but it’s super similar. You shouldn’t send more than $10. Come to think of it, it’s affordability is yet another reason you need an oven thermometer. But you already knew that. 



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