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Raise your hand if you feel like you’ve got this adult life thing down 100%. If your hand is raised, I applaud you and, frankly, want to give you a drink, because that must be exhausting. At 23, I’m content if my laundry pile doesn’t have its own gravitation force and if my favorite brand of wine is on sale. (Here’s looking at you, Barefoot.)

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am Sifting Through Life.


Despite walking through the gray area of adulthood that is your early twenties, I am certain of one thing. I am addicted to baking. Cakes, cookies, candies, bread, muffins, pies, all of it. I want to make and taste it all.

One of the reason’s I love baking and pastry so much is that it’s a science. That cake didn’t magically rise into a fluffy cloud of sweetness. There was a delicate balance of measured ingredients, proper mixing, heat, and time that created a cake so light you’re surprised it isn’t floating on air. This nerdy pastry stuff has me fascinated, and although I can’t wait to share my favorite recipes with you, I am even more excited to explain the science that’s going on in your mixing bowl.

Life is strange and often unexplained, but in baking there is a rhyme and reason for everything. We all need a little extra stability in our life, so get it with a little extra baking.

Welcome to Sifting Through Life, where life is better sifted.

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  1. Sara – I am your dad’s cousin on your granddad’s side – the Porch side – I also love to bake – looking forward to your blog?

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