Pie Crust

A pie crust so flaky, you can’t make lunch plans with it. 
Apple Galette

Let’s be honest, pie crust can be a big ole pain. On the one hand, it can be a work of flaky, golden art, or it can be a shrunken disappointment that is burnt on the top and raw on the bottom. Why you gotta be like that pie crust?

Earlier this year, I set out to find the perfect crust. It took me until December, but I finally found a pie crust that I love. Better than never, right?? 

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10 Thoughts I Have When Making a Cake

Making a cake is an emotional roller coaster. Join me on my latest ride.  

Now that I don’t work in a bakery, the only time I make stacked cakes is when friends and family request them.  It’s fun to flex my cake making, building, and decorating muscles, but inside my overactive and over-worrying mind, it’s a bit of a roller coaster.

10 Thoughts I Have When Making a Cake

Last week a dear friend requested a two tiered vanilla cake with Italian buttercream. There were no mishaps, and I actually really love how the caked turned out. However, I thought I’d give you an inside peek of my manic train of thought what’s going on in my head when I’m making a cake. 

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Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda

I get this question all the time: What’s the difference between baking powder vs. baking soda? It’s time to answer it once and for all. 

Baking Powder vs Baking Soda

As the resident baker among my friends and family, I get a lot of questions. Questions I am happy to answer, because my only other area of expertise is quoting full episodes of Friends. One question I get a lot is: What’s the difference between baking powder vs. baking soda? 

It’s a fair question. Some recipes call for one, some for the other, or a combination of both. Although they look almost identical, there is a big difference. So get ready. I’m about to go full pastry nerd on you. 

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Vanilla Extract vs
Vanilla Paste vs
Vanilla Beans

Let’s take a closer look at every baker’s favorite flavor balancer, as we figure out the difference between vanilla extract vs vanilla paste vs vanilla beans.  

Almost all baking recipes require vanilla. It’s subtle, sweet, and rounds out the flavor of most baked goods. Most of the time, recipes ask for vanilla extract, but did you know you have other options? You do! And today, I’ll be explaining the difference between vanilla extract vs vanilla paste vs vanilla beans.  

The difference between vanilla extract, vanilla paste, and vanilla beans.

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My New Year’s Baking Resolutions

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, where family fights were few and eggnog was aplenty.

With each new year comes new resolutions. My usual resolution (like everyone) is to lose weight. But let’s be real, that never pans out, because have you tasted food? It’s delicious. I thought this year I’d choose something a little more realistic.

Here are my baking resolutions for 2016.  

Baking Resolutions: Sifting Through Life

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