Cream Puffs

We’re making Cream Puffs today, but first we’re taking a hard left on “How To Make Pâte à Choux Lane.” Buckle up. It’s going to be a delicious ride.

Cream Puffs

 My love for pastry cream has been well documented, but I still haven’t introduced you to another one of my pastry loves: pâte à choux.

For those who haven’t been properly introduced, pâte à choux is a pastry dough that when baked, makes a crispy shell with a hollow yet custard-like interior. It’s the dough used to make eclairs, croquembouche and, today, cream puffs. 

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Thick and Fluffy Pancakes

Sunday mornings made perfect with these Thick and Fluffy Pancakes. 

Thick and Fluffy Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

I don’t consider myself a breakfast person, however I do consider myself a breakfast making person.

There’s something about making breakfast in my kitchen on Sunday morning that relaxes me in a way that only prescribed medicine usually can.

I get up when everything is quiet and still, like reality hasn’t quite reached my apartment yet. I make some desperately needed coffee, turn on the stove and get to it. 

Last weekend, I made pancakes. Not just any old pancakes, Thick and Fluffy Pancakes, because why eat them any other way?

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Flour 101: What’s the Difference?

Ever wondered, “What’s the difference between all purpose flour vs cake flour vs bread flour vs almond flour?” Wonder no more!

All purpose flour vs cake flour vs bread flour vs almond flour

I love getting baking questions from my friends and family. It makes the pastry nerd inside of me glow bright and warm like an oven light. 

Can I make buttermilk? Do I need to sift powdered sugar? Can I substitute baking soda for baking powder?  

Yes. Probably. And don’t you dare. 

Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about flour, and if you don’t frequent the baking aisle as much as I do, it can be intimidating. All of those seemingly identical but totally different boxes of flour stare back at you like you’re suppose to have an opinion on bleached vs unbleached flour. 

To clear up some of the confusion, let’s sort through a few basic flours.

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Our tour through The Bread Baker’s Apprentice continues! Today we’re going step by step and learning how to make Challah. 

Challah from Sifting Through Life


Sorry, I’ve been wanting to shout that for a while. I’ve also been wanting to tackle this recipe for a while. I made challah once in pastry school and loved it. It’s as wonderful to look at as it is to make french toast with.  

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Caramel Cake

Caramel Cake, filled with caramel frosting and drizzled with caramel sauce. Get your caramel fix here!

Caramel Cake by Sifting Through Life

I love birthdays. My birthday. Your birthday. Family birthdays. Strangers’ birthdays. I love them all. A lot of people hate their birthday, so I think I try to combat all that ill-will and love everyone’s birthday whether they want me to or not. 

This year, my roommate wasn’t super excited about her birthday, but I was! Because 1) As we’ve discussed, I love birthdays and 2) I knew I was making this Caramel Cake. It’s a caramel lover’s dream with homemade caramel sauce in the cake batter, frosting and drizzled on top.

It’s so good that I had a brief moment where I contemplated keeping it all for myself. It was brief, but it happened.  

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Buttermilk Biscuits

Get these fluffy, Southern-grandma-approved Buttermilk Biscuits in your oven and then into your mouth. 

Buttermilk Biscuits by Sifting Through Life

I get in these little baking fits where I become obsessed with perfecting a recipe. These Buttermilk Biscuits are the flaky results of my latest fit.

I woke up one Saturday and really, really wanted biscuits. The kind that steam when you open them up and have layers so buttery and so flaky that they melt in your mouth.  After several Saturdays and dozens of biscuits, I found my perfect recipe. 

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Cinnamon Rolls

Put on your stretchy pants. We’re making Cinnamon Rolls! 

Cinnamon Rolls by Sifting Through Life

Where has May gone? Better yet, where has 2017 gone? We’re nearly half way through, and I feel like I just put away my Christmas lights. The fact that I put them away in February is besides the point. 

To be fair, I know full well where May has gone. It has gone to watching The Great British Bake Off. After hearing about it for years, it finally landed on Netflix, and it’s just as glorious as I imagined. 

I wanted to share these Cinnamon Rolls for a while now, but I was too enraptured by Mary Berry’s perfectly sculpted hair to do much else with my life. Now I’ve snapped out of my Bake Off comma, and I need to share these Sunday-morning-worthy Cinnamon Rolls with you. 

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