Cherry Pie

End summer with a slice of Cherry Pie.
Cherry Pie—Sifting Through Life

I am very excited to tell you that I am typing to you today from a new kitchen in a new state!

Earlier this month, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Moving was as fun as sugarless cake, but I’ve finally settled into my new home and, more importantly, new kitchen! 

First up in the new digs, we’re digging into Cherry Pie. 

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Pie Crust

A pie crust so flaky, you can’t make lunch plans with it. 
Apple Galette

Let’s be honest, pie crust can be a big ole pain. On the one hand, it can be a work of flaky, golden art, or it can be a shrunken disappointment that is burnt on the top and raw on the bottom. Why you gotta be like that pie crust?

Earlier this year, I set out to find the perfect crust. It took me until December, but I finally found a pie crust that I love. Better than never, right?? 

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