Pumpkin Stuffed Biscuits

There are days I want to make a croquembouche, and then there are days I want to make Pumpkin Stuffed Biscuits. Today it’s the latter.  

Pumpkin Stuffed Biscuits

Happy October!! It’s a great month for two reasons. 1) My birthday is just around the corner, and 2) We can indulge our pumpkin cravings without shame! And indulge I did with these Pumpkin Stuffed Biscuits. 

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Pumpkin Beer Bread

Pumpkin Beer BreadMy front porch is perpetually covered in crunchy leaves, and my scarf collection is in full rotation. It’s finally starting to feel like fall in the south, and I can finally whip out my pumpkin recipes!

I love a good pumpkin spice latte as much as the next person—I’m three deep this October—but each fall I look forward to a different pumpkin spiked beverage: pumpkin beer.  Continue reading