Thick and Chewy M&M Cookies

Relive your childhood: Thick and Chewy M&M CookiesRight around my birthday, I had the need to recreate the M&M cookies of my youth: soft and chewy on the inside, slightly firm around the edges, and packed with colorful M&Ms. The kind that you knew would give you a stomach ache after eating two, but you had to have four. 

It took me a few tries*, but I finally got the cookie I was dreaming of. After tinkering a bit on my own (try number 1 and 2), I found a recipe that was similar to what I was going for. I tested Michelle’s aka the Brown Eyed Baker‘s recipe (try number 3), and it was so so close. However, I wasn’t exactly satisfied until I made a few tweaks of my own (lucky try number 4!). 

Here’s the key to making thick and chewy M&M cookies.  Continue reading