Baking Glossary

Ever want to stop baking before you’ve even begun, because you didn’t understand the recipe?

We’ve all been there. 

Whip this until it’s at medium peaks! Cream that until it’s fluffy! How about stop telling me what to do?

baking glossary

If you’re not in on the baking lingo, it can seem like another language, so I’ve started this list, a Baking Glossary if you will, of unfamiliar words or phrases you may come across in recipes. 

Let’s demystify all that jargon, so we can get back to baking! 

This is an ongoing list that I will update frequently, so feel free to  leave suggestions in comments for words you’d like to see added to this glossary. 

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Brownie Thins

Brownie Thins

It’s kind of weird having a baking blog in January. All the things I hold near and dear, cookies, cakes, chocolate, are suddenly the enemy.

Remember December? Remember when Christmas cookies were the best thing to ever happen to us? I do!

But I get it. Everyone needs to detox at some point.  New year! New me! And all that. I, however, am more of a everything in moderation type of gal.

New year! Same baking-addicted me! 

In the spirit of moderation, these Brownie Thins will let you indulge your sweet tooth without making you totally cheat on your new year’s resolution. 

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You Need an Oven Thermometer

I’m here with you today to preach the gospel of the oven thermometer. Specifically, that you should get an oven thermometer. No, you need an oven thermometer. 

Oven Thermometer

I will admit. Not too long ago, I didn’t think I needed an an oven thermometer. I had been fine without it this long. I figured it was just another gadget that foodies say you need, but instead, wastes away in the back of your spatula drawer. 

I was young and foolish then. Now I’m wise. 

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Halloween Cut Out Sugar Cookies

It’s finally October, so I felt obligated to make some boo-tiful Halloween Cut Out Sugar Cookies. 
Halloween Cut Out Sugar Cookies

I have been waiting a whole year to break out my Halloween cookie cutters. Last November I was at Home Goods (Shout out to all my fellow Home Goods addicts!), and stumbled upon a cute set of Halloween cutters for $2!! 

I don’t usually brag about finding a good deal, but $2!!! You can’t buy anything for two dollars. Okay, that’s most definitely not true, but excitement is still warrented!! 

Any who!  Since then, I have been (im)patiently waiting to use these cutters, and now that it’s finally October, my time has come! 

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One Bowl Brownies

If you are equal parts lazy and chocolate addicted then these One Bowl Brownies are for you. 

One Bowl Brownies by Sifting Through Life

In my humble opinion, brownies should have addictively chewy edges, fudgy centers and crinkley tops. These One Bowl Brownies check everything off the list plus they’re perfect for my fellow lazy bakers because there’s minimal clean up.

Lazy bakers unite! 

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Funfetti Cupcakes

Funfetti Cupcakes are proof that everything in life is better with sprinkles—and lots of them. 

Funfetti Cupcakes by Sifting Through Life

Earlier this month, I went to Disney World, and before you ask, yes, it was ~*magical*~. I went with my three best friends, and we had the best time going on rides, eating around the world and wearing tiaras without any sense of irony. 

It was so, so fun, but I returned home with a case of the post-Disney blues. It’s hard to go back to reality after spending four days at a place where a mouse is in charge and the streets are littered with castles. You don’t just get over that on the plane ride home! 

To get over my PDB, I self-medicated by baking Funfetti Cupcakes in my Disney princess cupcakes liners. It’s what Mickey would want.

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Cherry Pie

End summer with a slice of Cherry Pie.
Cherry Pie—Sifting Through Life

I am very excited to tell you that I am typing to you today from a new kitchen in a new state!

Earlier this month, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Moving was as fun as sugarless cake, but I’ve finally settled into my new home and, more importantly, new kitchen! 

First up in the new digs, we’re digging into Cherry Pie. 

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Ginger Plum Cake

If you’ve never used plum in a dessert before, this Ginger Plum Cake is the perfect place to start. 

Ginger Plum Cake

My love for raspberries, lemon and apples is well documented, so today we’re branching out on the fruit tree and making Ginger Plum Cake. 

Before you ask if this is a holiday dessert, no it is not. You are thinking of sugar plums. Wait, you didn’t immediately confuse sugar plum fairies and ginger plum cake? Yeah…me neither. 

Back to baking. 

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